From what I have read from the scripture so far,I have come to realize that obedience is a virtue,it is the best thing that can happen to any believer. A little Obedience to God’s word can change your entire life….

Now,Look at these…

The story of Esther; Esther got married to king Ahasuerus and became a queen because of her obedience to what Mordecai instructed her to do!

Ruth the Moabites also, she followed her mother in law to her homeland in Bethlehem after the husband died (Ruth 1:22). Ruth obeyed Naomi’s instructions to her before going to see Boaz(Ruth3:5). This single act of obedience got her married to Boaz, a very wealthy man in Bethlehem….

Disobedience on the other hand is a sin, a hinderance to blessing and a killer of believers faith.Some instances below…

Remember the story of queen Vashti and how she lost her crown to Esther as a result of her disobedience to king Ahasuerus’ order… Also how Saul lost his throne to David because of disobedience!

we cannot forget the story of Jonah; Jonah disobeyed God and spent three days in fish’s belly…This is exactly what happens to us when we disobey God;Disobedience keeps us away from God’s prepared blessings for us until obedience is attained.

Finally,from the above, I have realized that what hinders us from our blessings is disobedience of God’s word. The bible said that “the word of God is light” This light can only be attained through obedience to the “word”… Note that disobedience keeps us in darkness and prevents us from experiencing the blessings of God… Also note that nothing is good in darkness,mistakes are made in darkness, mention them… But the blessing of God can only be seen in the light… Thus,choose to OBEY God today!


Creative food Art by a Nigerian lady!

Haneefah Adam, 28, is famous for presenting food in creative ways, using it to make portraits and other works of art. 

A medical scientist by training, Adam first made a name for herself in 2015 when she transformed Barbie into Hijarbie – a hijab-wearing Muslim doll.

Now, she’s building a career out of rejigging food into art. “I do regular portraits, I sew and paint, but what excites me the most is food,” she says.

Adam is inspired by random things, including life experiences and culture. She sees everything around her as something that can be made into art.

In 2016, she won the #TechMeetsArtNG exhibition, sponsored by Samsung Nigeria and Rele Gallery. The competition was a culinary exhibition aimed at exploring the artistic presentation of some of Nigeria’s local meals.

Her winning entry, pictured above, was inspired by one of her favorite childhood meals, ogbono soup, a southern Nigerian delicacy made from the dried seeds of mangoes.

She says the art represents an African woman adorned in vibrant colors.

Before the competition, my art was mostly random, and I was just documenting food on social media. But after winning, I started to think about actively making a living from food art,” she says.

Winning the competition kick-started Adam’s career and her full-time job is now creating art for food brands such as Maggi and Dangote Salt. 

In the next few years, Adam wants to be more present in the vibrant art scene in Africa, including that of Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial center.

 “I want to partake in more exhibitions. I currently live in Kwara, northern Nigeria; it is difficult to make a mark in the country’s art scene from here,” she says. 

Don’t mock God! The consequences comes quickly than expected!

people that mocked God are listed below!!

1) John Lennon 
Some years before, during his interview with an American Magazine, he said: “Christianity will end, it will disappear. I do not have to argue about that. I am certain. Jesus was okay, but his subjects were too simple, today we are more famous than Him.” (1966). 
Lennon, after saying that the Beatles were more famous than Jesus Christ, was shot six times, and he died.

2) Tancredo Neves (President of Brazil)
During the Presidential campaign, he said if he got 500,000 votes from his party, not even God would remove him from Presidency.
He got the votes, but he got sick a day before being made President, and died.

3) Cazuza 
(Bi-sexual Brazilian composer, singer and poet)
During A show in Canecio (Rio de Janeiro) While smoking his cigarette, he puffed out some smoke into the air and said: “God, that’s for you.” 
He died at the age of 32 of lung cancer, in a horrible manner.

4) The man who built the Titanic: After the construction of Titanic, a reporter asked him how safe the Titanic would be. With an ironic tone he said: “Not even God can sink it.” 
The result: I think you know what happened to the Titanic.

5) Marilyn Monroe
She was visited by a Christian preacher during a presentation show. He said the Spirit of God had sent him to preach to her. After hearing what the preacher had to say, she said: “I don’t need your Jesus.”
A week later, she was found dead in her apartment.

6) Bon Scott 
The ex-vocalist of the AC/DC.
On one of his 1979 songs he sang: “Don’t stop me; I’m going down all the way, down the highway to Hell.”
On the 19th of February 1980, Bon Scott was found dead, he had been choked by his own vomit.

7) Campinas (IN 2005) In Campinas, Brazil a group of friends, drunk, went to pick up a friend…..
The mother accompanied her to the car and was so worried about the drunkenness of her friends and she said to the daughter holding her hand, who was already seated in the car: “My Daughter, Go with God And May He Protect You.” 
She responded: “Only If He (God) Travels In The Trunk, cause inside here… it’s already full.” 
Hours later, news came by that they had been involved in a fatal accident, everyone had died, the car could not be recognized as to what type of car it had been, but surprisingly, the trunk was intact. The police said there was no way the trunk could have remained intact. To their surprise, inside the trunk was a crate of eggs, and none was broken.

8.) Christine Hewitt (Jamaican journalist and entertainer) said the Bible (Word of God) was the worst book ever written. In June 2006 she was found burnt beyond recognition in her motor vehicle.

Rethink as a believer!!!

Every true believer is born a success and not born to succeed. You have the success gene of God in you as a believer!

          The believers life on earth strives to correct some misconceptions some believers create such like; the poverty mentality of not living a wealthy life,not wearing the expensive outfits with the notion that all is vain!

              Remember,God said “the silver is mine,the gold is mine…” This implies that God is a wealthy lord,a king, the richest King in heaven and on earth; therefore,believers being the sons and daughters of God are entitled and are heirs to God’s wealth!

          He said ,”greater things will ye do…” Which means we are expected to be wealthy and live a better life both in heaven and on earth as Christians and children of God!

          Change that mindset that believers reward are heaven! Yes! Believers reward of long life is in heaven, what about other rewards? They are on earth. We are to be envied by non believers and not the other way round!


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